Thursday, March 08, 2007

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Mike Filsaimes Resource Report

I've just downloaded and read Mike Filsaime's latest free report:

The Resource Report

My thoughts on this are conflicting...

First off it is a great resource, I entirely endorse Mike's first item RoboForm - I couldn't live without it. For anyone not using it download the free version (I don't have any affiliate link to this - not sure if there is one) and give it a try - you'll never lose another password or user name.

Back to the report - it's full of very useful resources and as Mike proclaims they are all required to run a successful online marketing business.

Now my contrary and cynical view. The report is packed with affiliate links and sales messages for Mike's other products like Power Link Generator. Great product and for the affiliate marketer a must have but here's the issue...

Mike is promoting the Resources Report via his existing customers, affiliate partners etc who may well be trying to sell many of the resources listed in his Report themselves. Good move by Mike - not so good for everyone else.

Having said that the compensation for someone promoting the book is a share of the "winnings" should a reader of the Report take up the inevitable One Time Offer (OTO).

In summary, I take my hat off to Mike - he really knows how to sell.


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