Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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Google Adwords

Still struggling with finding the solution to making money using Adwords & Adsense?

I came across this great e-book today, yours to download totally free, which I found really useful.

It is 85 pages crammed full with simple to follow instruction including foolproof strategies to finding the correct Google Adwords for your campaign.

I did find that the screen showing the Yahoo Bid Tool is out of date (I believe Yahoo has only recently removed this tool) but apart from that there is some really solid information. It was created by an expert in the field of SEO, Brad Callen, so there are some good credentials.

This is not some get rich quick scheme, just good quality information that you cannot ignore if your business model is focused on using Google Adwords.

I encourage you to download your complimentary copy - let me know what you think and whether this was useful for your business.

Good fortune

"Do It Now"

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