Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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Squidoo Bug

I promised myself I'd keep my head down and just focus on what I know needs to be done. But, it kept nagging away at me.

I watched the video, read the sales letter and then as promised to myself I didn't buy anything. But, it kept nagging away at me.

So when I had a little free time I thought I'd give it a try for myself to see how easy it is.

Yes, I'm talking about creating a Squidoo Lens

Wow, it's cool. So easy, the results look good and the lens has attracted some traffic within days with no effort on my part.

My first lens is about Costa Esuri (a place in Spain where I own a golf property) - it's not a lens designed to generate an income - purely an interest of mine so you're in no danger of having a look - Costa Esuri Lens. That said, Squidoo has various "income" generating features on the lens (Adsens for example) and shares any revenue with the lensmaster - you can choose to give your share to charity if you wish.

The thing I really like about Squidoo is that you can add feeds from your blogs, YouTube, create lists, a Guestbook, favourite products, sites... and it is all so very easy and quick.

I've found myself with the Squidoo Bug but fortunately it looks like a good business move as it's generating some good traffic for me.

Take a look at my Costa Esuri lens to get a feel for what you can do - this took me only about 1 hour at the most although I did have most of the material and links already.

I'd love to hear what you think - leave a message (blurb) in the guestbook. But be careful...

You may get the squidoo bug!


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