Monday, February 26, 2007

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Wizzer's Card Trick - part 2

So did the Great Wizzer's Card Trick fool you?

If you are like me it took a while to see what is happening.

My point is what were you focusing on? Probably to start with exactly what you were told to - the card you were thinking about. As a result your were concentrating on one thing (which is normally commendable) but in this instance it was the wrong thing if you wanted to see the "trick".

If you've already worked it out then the moral is to be sure you focus on the right things - in the case of business those tasks or issues that are moving you forward not those that are just taking up your time (shuffling paper).

If you haven't worked it out yet I'd like you to go back to the previous post and this time instead of focusing on the one card - the one that Wizzer will make disappear - think carefully about ALL of the cards.

If you need any help drop me an email - and I'll explain.

Remember - we can all focus wholeheartedly on something for part of the time but that isn't enough. We must be focused on the right thing.

Good fortune




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