Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Attitude and Success

A beautiful Spring morning on Southern England, clear blue sky, birds singing, daffodils in full bloom... I looked at the window of my office enjoying the moment.

And in he walks...

Head down, dark clouds circling, he starts to talk & my morning is ruined. "Heavy traffic, no money, too bright, late night, bad back, kids shouting..." I'd checked out. Mr Neg-Head had arrived.

This incident put me in mind of the Crowded House song with the line "always take the weather with you" Mr Neg-Head did that alright! But he took the wrong kind of weather.

His attitude had changed the mood of the office.

I couldn't wait to get him out and after he'd left I felt less enthusiastic about the day than before. I thought about a comment Robert Monteux made on his blog about my quote "Nothing Changes Without a Change". Mr Neg-Head will continue through his life with his negative attitude poisoning everyone he meets unless he decides to make a change - possible but very unlikely since he's happy in his own sad little way!

{Have you ever thought about the phrase "it's a horrible day" or something similar used by people referring to the weather? Sorry, they're wrong there's nothing wrong with the day - the weather just isn't bright and sunny. Be careful about the use of words - it can affect your whole well being. Catch yourself thinking and saying negative things and STOP.}

Now back to my mood, reduced from great to "irritated" as a consequence of my meeting. This was different to my visitors state.

I knew I could change it in an instant. Look up & take a deep breath, think positively about something good. There mood changed. BUT I had to make a change myself first. (By the way, look up and smile and try to keep hold of a bad mood - impossible!). I chose to make a change rather than let someone else influence me.

Whatever you are doing right now, whether things are going well for you or not YOU have the power to change everything - but first you need to make a change because "Nothing Changes Without a Change".


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Blogger Robert Monteux said...

Great post on one of my favorite subjects! This is something I tell my clients in the first 20 minutes of their first appointment with me.

I've got two more great quotes for you.

"Attitude is a decision." - from a well-known American football coach, I don't remember who

"The only reason anyone is ever unhappy is because they think they should be." - Bruce Di Marscio, creator of The Option Method

The second quote rocked my world when I started to think of it.


2:21 PM  
Blogger Wizzer said...


Thanks for your comment and especially the quotes. I agree, both really good and motivational in the right hands (or should I say "Mind"?)

3:45 PM  
Blogger Thea said...

Excellent message.
One that I often deliver to clients also.
I'll be posting a segment of your blog posting at Life Coach Snippets
on 8 April.
Namaste, Thea

9:39 AM  

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