Friday, December 29, 2006

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Nothing Changes Without A Change

I coined that phrase during a conversation with my eldest son when he asked me why he couldn't get something to work.

With 2007 a few days away and New Year's plans looming I'd like you to think very carefully about how you want your life / business / figure :) to change...

Now really think about how that is going to happen. OK are you going to do / act / eat & drink like you did during 2006?

If you put a train on a track and it runs from station A to station B that's all it will ever do unless something changes - a new branch line or change of points.

It is a complete waste of time wishing your life will change unless YOU are prepared to change something for your self first. So what to do?

There are three things you can can do right now that I think will help.

One - register to receive emails of new posts to this blog - you'll receive my tips and help throughout the year AND

Two - get over to Marketing Beginners and sign up for The Hermits free program. There is masses of information and videos on every subject relating to internet business. It really is free so there is no excuse not to do it. If you choose the upgrade there is even more great information but at least join the free program.

Three - Join the forum at Marketing Beginners and get involved - I post there frequently myself and I have to say " I have never received such speedy and generous help as that offered at Marketing Beginners". There is no cost to join but the advice, help and motivation you will get is priceless.

Remember "Nothing Changes Without A Change". If you are happy where you are don't change anything but if you want more then you MUST change something.

Go on "Do It Now".

Have a great 2007

Mark "Wizzer" Wilson



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