Saturday, December 23, 2006

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Internet Marketers Exposed...

"It's just a massive pyramid selling scam" says Wizzer.

OK, a bit strong but think about the droves of gold diggers joining the bandwagon everyday. They read the sales pitches (whatever happened to adverising standards?)with turbo charged income, dynamite responses, mega riches beyond your wildest dreams yet close to 98% never make a single £ or $ online. WHY?

Because everyone is trying to tell everyone else how to make money online. It can't work forever as there is no real product. Everone is telling everyone else how to sell on line but that's all they're selling! But I guess as long as children are born there will be a never ending supply of potential customers looking for the solution. So here's the answer...

If you want to make money online it must be with a real business focused on providing a product or service. By all means tell people how it's done - but when it's done and not based on someone else's experience. With all the hype how can you tell if someone else has done as well as they say anyway?

I don't want to copy a failure - even if he/she has got a great sales pitch!

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