Monday, November 27, 2006

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Snippet from a forum...

I am getting such fantastic support from The Hermit I just have to tell you about it. Here's the text from MY latest post. I really cannot recommend this to you enough - take a look - it's FREE to join up as well.

"I see from your comments that you are all getting the same brilliant support from Randy and this forum as I am. It really is exceptional."

"Randy, thank you so much for creating the Report Cover for me - it's not just that you've done it (another thing I don't have to think about) it's that now I simply HAVE TO CREATE THE REPORT & VIDEO or I'd be showing myself up as some one who doesn't take action - with a tagline "Do It Now" I'd look pretty stupid. What a great way to ensure focus. Thanks."

"I didn't get back to you over the weekend as I was trying to learn to use some video creation software - great program but my results don't look good enough yet. Time permitting (the need to earn a living from my daytime business is getting in the way!) I hope to have the Report done by the end of the week."

Join up yourself and get a taste of what the internet should be all about.


"Do It Now"



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