Monday, July 02, 2007

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Graphic Design

What is most important - the end result or the manner in which it is achieved?

I am a great believer in service and going the extra mile. I deal with different companies everyday and frankly if any of them provide anything like an acceptable service (note I'm not talking about good service - just something I don't have to complain about) then I am reasonably happy these days.

What a pleasure it is then, for me to write about EXCEPTIONAL service from someone with whom I have not even done any business - YET.

Mark McGimpsey at Graphic Design Marketing has this week provided me with outstanding help - none of which I asked for - with some graphics on one of my blogs. If the service he provides when you are paying is a fraction of what he provides when you are not then you will not be disappointed.

If you need website graphics, perhaps a header or e-book cover created, then give Mark a chance - he certainly won't skimp on the service.



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