Thursday, October 05, 2006

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Wizzer Update 3


If you are just starting on the adventure of running your own business you will probably be going through a whole load of roller-coaster thoughts.

  • Do I intend doing a little bit of extra work to generate some more income

  • Am I really aiming at running a full time business

  • What will I do?

  • How will I do it?

  • What money will I need?

  • Who do I need to help?

  • Can I trust them?

  • What about staff or premises?

  • What about record keeping?

  • What do I do about Taxes, Compliance with laws, Incorporating... the list goes on

Whatever your plans I strongly urge you to think very carefully about the commitment you are about to undertake.

I know that might sound strange when every other email, website and so called internet marketing guru is pressurising you to "buy" something that will ensure you become rich beyond your wildest dreams.


"I've been so disatisfied with my lifestyle for the last few years, even though I've have been running my own business for 15 years, that I was on the verge of selling my home and giving up on the business because of the ridiculous time I had to devote to it and the pressure and stress I felt. I wasn't even earning masses of money to at least make it worthwhile"

Please re-read that paragraph. I don't want to put you off, quite the opposite in fact BUT I do want you to fully appreciate that if you get into the wrong business, with the wrong process and wrong mindset you are very likely to end up just like I did. Yes, that's my quote above.

Frankly, if you are thinking of setting up a business in the traditional sense then I honestly believe you need to take a very long hard look at the reality of that commitment and assess whether it will really give you the lifestyle you want.

The best advice I have ever received was this...

"Decide what you want your life to look like and build your work around that".

Think about that for a moment. If you just start a job straight from school or college before you know it you have a list of debts (credit cards, mortgage, car loan) and at the end of the day you are exhausted just looking forward to the weekend for some time to yourself.

Monday sees it all start over just so you can earn enough to get through another week.

Have you built your life or has someone else moulded it for you?

That's not living - that's surviving.

Yes, I've been there and it's depressing but here's the good news - there is one person that absolutely without question can help you get out of that situation.

That person is YOU.

There's no reliance on handouts, on the lottery, on someone else doing something for you. Or someone famous and wealthy bumping into you in the mall and deciding to leave their fortune to you. Wake up - that's not going to happen.

We all have dreams and that's a very healthy state to be in. But they must be realistic.

Only YOU can change your life.

My tag line is "Do It Now". That came about because I've had so many dreams and ideas of what to do to change my life but nothing happened. The reason was I just didn't take any action.

Finally, I realised what was holding me back. I just didn't "Do It".

In my next update I'll go into what I believe is the ideal business so that you really can build your work around your lifestyle rather than fitting your life in the time that's left over.

Your task today is to sit quietly and think very carefully about your required lifestyle. I want you to be very realistic. Write it down. Live and feel it in your mind. I'm not talking about mansions and millions of $ in the bank. That's OK if that's really what you want, but you may just be thinking about playing golf twice a week - having more time with the family – taking off for a long weekend every so often without breaking the bank to do it.Whatever you want from life get it very clear in your mind.

Work out if you are really prepared to put in the effort to make it happen. You may have to sacrifice some time to make this happen but it WILL BE WORTHWHILE in the longer term. How long will it be before you have what you want is up to you.

It really is. Only you can decide.Go on "Do It Now" make that commitment that you are going to do whatever it takes.

I'll be here with reminders and help and my experience (more about that coming soon).

WIZZER NEWS - General developments

There is an enormous amount of extra activity on the internet at the moment. Seems that summer is over and there are new product launches every day. The few months before the year end normally see a great rush of activity. I have to say some of the emails and sales letters on various websites are really compelling.

It's very easy to get carried away and think "this is the one". Just be careful. Does it really fit in with your long term plan or is it just another great idea that doesn't get the full attention it deserves and ends on the shelf with other opportunities that originally held the same promise.

I'm a great believer in focus. If you decide on something stick with it and make it work. Don't jump from one opportunity to the next. Choose what you like but make it something you can believe in and focus on making it work.

WIZZER REFLECTIONS - My personal thoughts

I work from an "office" in my home. It's a separate room in the house but lately it's been far from ideal. I have two boys, age 9 & 4 and they are far from quiet. They are both enthusiastic about everything and for some reason I have to be told virtually everything that goes on in their minds - as it happens!

Trying to work under those conditions is a real challenge. It's fine when they're at school but trying to get things done when they're around is a real challenge.
Fortunately, my business has now moved to a point where I can work around this, which a few years ago would have been impossible.

Yesterday I played golf, yes that's the cross I have to bear, and as usual I had a totally inconsistent round. If you are a golfer you may appreciate this. My official handicap is 25 (I don't enter many competitions so it doesn't change much) but I can play anywhere from about 12 to 30 over par.

So what happened yesterday? I hit two 9's on a par 4 & a par 5, which really destroyed what may have been my best ever card - 6 straight pars plus 2 more and a birdie. Oh what a game!!!

Until next time
Mark "Wizzer" Wilson
"Do It Now"


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